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Growing a competent society.


Creating an environment where every individual is accountable for their own future. We strive to build a community that have the necessary ability, knowledge, motives, traits, self-concept, skill and attributes that contributes to a successful society.

Continuous Development

We recognise that continuous development is essential for success in any environment, and we take steps to develop self, others and help them to excel at what they do.

Effective Communication

To effectively communicate; both verbally and in writing, with individuals and organisations. Ensure there is an effective flow of information in terms of awareness and understanding.

Customer Service Orientation

Pro-actively developing customer relationship by making efforts to listen and understand the customer, anticipating and providing solutions to customer needs, giving priority to customer satisfaction with integrity.

Relationship Management

Ability to build and maintain effective relationships and networks. This may be in relation to contacts, both inside and outside FPC who can provide information, assistance and support to achieve our vision.

Innovative and Creative Thinking

To develop new insights into situations and apply solutions to make improvements. Creating an environment that encourages creative thinking and innovation in the design of programmes and processes.

Our Work

Future Pathways Consultants (FPC) is a consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations and individuals to find their path/way to becoming high performing, responsive to change, and rooted in a commitment to continuous improvement.

Future Pathways Consultants work at the intersection of organisational, human development and program development; recognizing that all are essential for a high performing environment. Our approach is personable and caring while delivering services in a timely and dependable manner.

  • We strive to help organisations, secondary and tertiary education institutions to achieve a profound impact on the communities they serve. Our clients include schools, academies, clubs, colleges, universities, Non-Governmental Organizations/Non-Profit Organizations and any other organizations.
  • We work with educational institutions by helping students to choose a future pathway that is validated by scientific assessments in finding subject choices and career occupation. We also help students to look, apply for bursaries and enrolling them into tertiary education in Cape Town.
  • We work with organisations to improve internal capacity, develop effective programs, think strategically and develop a comprehensive plan for the future.

Our Services

Career Guidance and Support

  • Grade 9 subject choices: Ensure that you pick subjects that align with your interest and your motives
  • Grade 10-12 career guidance: To help learners to find a career pathway and choose a diploma/degree that they are interested in.
  • Career choice for post matric, college and graduate students by helping them find their own career path.
  • Feedback: Provide a written comprehensive report which indicate the strength and developing areas of learners.
  • To assist learners to apply for bursaries and helping them to enrol in tertiary education in Cape Town.

More Services