About Us

Growing a competent youth society.

Creating an environment where every youth is accountable for their own future. We strive to
build a community that have the necessary ability, knowledge, motives, values, career
interests, traits, self-concept, skill and attributes that contributes to a successful society.

We recognise that continuous development is essential for success in any environment, and we take steps to develop self, others and help them to excel at what they do.

To effectively communicate; both verbally and in writing, with youths and schools, organizations and sporting institutions. Ensure there is an effective flow of information in terms of career awareness and understanding.

Pro-actively developing youth relationship by making efforts to listen and understand youths, anticipating and providing solutions to their needs, giving priority to youth satisfaction.

Ability to build and maintain effective relationships and networks. This may be in relation to contacts, both inside and outside FPC who can provide information, assistance and support to achieve our vision.

To develop new insights into situations and apply solutions to make improvements. Creating an environment that encourages creative thinking and innovation in the design of programmes and processes.